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Professional Accounting Solution

Peachtree by Sage Pro Accounting 2010 helps improve your productivity with standard accounting features that can automate invoices, checks, and track employee payroll. You can record customer payments, create budgets, and track sales, inventory, and expenses. It provides 100+ reports and financial statements. All first-time Peachtree customers receive 30 days of free support. Upgrading customers receive one free support call within 30 days of registration.

Advance Accounting Solution

Peachtree by Sage Complete Accounting 2010 combines robust core accounting with features like job costing, time and billing, in-depth inventory capabilities, and analysis tools. Its multi-user option1 helps improve productivity while providing control over who accesses data. Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 provides 125+ customizable business reports and financial statements.

Premium Accounting Solution

Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting 2010 is a comprehensive solution that provides premium features like multi-company consolidations, advanced budgeting, serialized inventory, and Crystal Reports® 20081. It provides a multi-user option2 for improved productivity with screen-level access control, plus analysis tools, and 140+ customizable reports and financial statements.

Peachtree Industry Solutions ( Construction )

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Construction 2010 includes all the features from our Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting 2010 product, plus:

Subcontractor Insurance Tracking
Store insurance expiration dates within Peachtree, so you’ll get a warning when you try to pay a subcontractor whose insurance has expired. Store and report on company name, policy number, and policy limit so you can easily review insurance expiration dates.

Labor Burden Assessment
Allocate a percentage of an employee’s overhead costs (such as taxes, insurance, benefits, and more) to any job.

Retainage Management Using Accrual Based Accounting
Know what your clients are holding back, and how much leverage you have with your vendors.

Progress Billing
Valuable if you bill against a contract. You can create invoices based on the job’s current progress or specify that billing be based on a percentage of the job’s completion, a percentage of estimated job revenue, or a percentage of each line item.

Peachtree Industry Solutions ( Distribution )

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution 2010 includes all the features from our Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting 2010 product, plus:

Quantity Price BreaksEnsure that your volume discounts are applied fairly and consistently. Peachtree lets you specify up to 50 prices per item.

Buy/Sell in Different UnitsMake the calculations easy when you buy in one quantity (a pallet, for instance) and sell in another (like a single unit).

Enhanced Kitting and Assembly CapabilitiesBuild pre-assembled kits to maintain in stock for rapid sales delivery. If you need to use components for another order, you can disassemble finished kits and restock the components. And if you require light manufacturing, you can set up multi-level kits and even enter labor or outside services as a BOM component.

Order/Sell Using Vendor Part NumbersAutomatically create POs based on stocking levels, eliminating time-consuming calculations. And Peachtree lets you order and sell using vendor part numbers (or your own).

Inventory Management and Trend AnalysisTrack your fastest- and slowest-selling items so you can adjust pricing for maximum profits.

Peachtree Industry Solutions ( Manufecturing )

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing 2010 includes all the features from our Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting 2010 product, plus:

Enhanced Item Pricing
Ensure bottom-line profitability with flexible, user-defined, formula-based pricing calculations. You’ll be able to implement up to 10 Item Price Levels, and store them for use across all your inventory items.

Creation and Tracking of Work Tickets

Improve tracking of assemblies in progress and authorize a build job and track it through completion.

Expanded Assembly Capabilities
Simply choose the items that make up the assembly and everything is tracked together. If you need to substitute a key component in an assembly, changing the BOM is virtually automatic. You can add up to 300 items per sub-assembly, and even add or remove components from assembly items after they’ve been sold.

Buy/Sell inDifferent Units

Make the calculations easy when you buy in one quantity (a pallet, for instance) and sell in another (a 3-pack).

Manufacturing-Specific Operational Reports, such as:

•Delivery Attempt Notification•Assembly Planning
•Component Pick List

Peachtree Industry Solution ( Non Profit )

Peachtree Premium Accounting for Nonprofits 2010 includes all the features from our Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting 2010 product, plus:

Unified Chart of Accounts

United Way-based Chart of Accounts

Welcome Letter and Fundraising Letter Templates

Track Donation Receipts

Track Member and Pledges Fees Outstanding

Nonprofit-Specific Operational Reports

Peachtree Quantum

The Ultimate High-Performance Peachtree Accounting Solution
Peachtree by Sage - Quantum 2010 is a top-of-the-line accounting solution that supports 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed, named users1, and offers advanced security and order tracking settings. Peachtree Quantum delivers all the features of Peachtree Premium Accounting, and provides support, updates, and upgrades for 12 months from purchase2.

Centralize Your Business Operations
You are familiar with Peachtree by Sage and all the benefits it can provide for your business, but in today’s environment you need more… more efficiency and the ability to streamline all your business functions into one collaborative solution. Peachtree Quantum 2010 offers features to help you change the way you currently run your business

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