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Peachtree Point of Sale Solution

Peachtree Integration with AccuPOS Point of Sale Software

AccuPOS is an affordable, full-featured Point Of Sale solution that is ideal for your retail business. AccuPOS is incredibly easy to use and administrate, with the added benefit of award-winning integration with the accounting program of your choice.

AccuPOS is designed for ultimate simplicity. Transactions are always made with minimal keystrokes and maximum speed. Input may be received from touchscreens, scanners, scales, wireless devices... whatever suits your style of business. Powerful customer management tools are available along with real-time web reports and seamless data transfer to offsite computers.

Dynacom Point of Sale Solution

Dynacom Gold Point of Sale

ARTECH offers complete Point of Sale Software, Hardware, Training and Support Services.

The Cashier is a full-featured Point of Sale module that can transform your computer into a fully integrated cash register. With just a few mouse clicks, an invoice is created, the customer is served and the receipt is printed out.

Features at a galance

  • Commands the cash register devices (cash-drawer, customer display and receipt printer)
  • Lets you setup the customer display and receipt printer
  • Lets you define the cashier register starting amount either by cash register or by operator
  • Lets you define a cashier default startup customer to accelerate cash sales
  • Allows user-defined function keys
  • Lets you define a maximum in-drawer amount
  • Offers you to make a deposit when the maximum in-drawer amount is exceeded
  • Accepts multiple payment methods
  • Manages sales commission
  • Handles layaways
  • Allows adding new customers and items on-the-fly
  • Gives you access to the customer and item maintenances directly within the register
  • Lets you access several warehouses to check an item's availability
  • Warns the operator when a customer has layaways
  • Lets you print large-format invoices
  • Lets you change the invoice layout
  • All the information you need is grouped on one screen for quick data entry

Reports available

  • End-of-Day Balance by Operator Balance by Cashier
  • End-of-Day Balance by Cashier

QuickBooks Point of Sale Solution

Let QuickBooks Handle the Details

Every minute that you spend entering transactions by hand is a minute you're not spending on more important stuff. Sure, it needs to get done. But QuickBooks Retail Management Solutions can do it for you, automatically, immediately and accurately. Plus, Point of Sale can integrate all your sales, inventory and customer databases, so you don't just get to see the big picture, you get more time to work on it.

A QuickBooks Retail Solutions system allows you to:

  • Ring up sales quickly and easily
  • Keep tabs on your inventory automatically with QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • See the big picture with easy, one-click reports
  • Track your customers so you can give more personalized service
  • Focus on the big picture without getting caught up in the details

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